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The Wine Not International Exclusive Wine Making System

Our winery systems are proven. Wine Not International is the pioneer of this new and exciting industry.
Our mission is to make exceptional wine with far less expense, time and risk than traditional wineries.
We achieve this by making wine from affordable pasteurized juice (must) in our exclusive winery systems. Making wine from juices in large vessels requires knowledge and expertise. We are the only company to successfully produce quality wine using this method. We have the experience and resources to maximize your success.
Wine Not International has alliances with the best companies in the industry. From the juice manufacturers and their oenologists, lab researchers and sales/marketing teams to the engineers who manufacture the Wine Not International winery systems exclusively.
Wine Not International has worked with our juice manufacturers to develop raw materials that work specifically with our winery system, ensuring the best possible wine made in the most cost effective and efficient way in the industry.
In addition, Wine Not International is proud to be the only franchise that can offer drum packaging of our juices. This “bulk” packaging means better juice pricing, lower shipping costs, and huge time savings at the start of the fermentation process.
Our winery systems are built for quality and ease of use.
Our winery systems and equipment are manufactured by engineers using only the highest quality materials, from the stainless steel to the dairy grade hoses, and craftsmanship. Our tanks are built to last 50 years, providing the opportunity to amortize your winery system over a long period of time.
You have a product guarantee and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the best people in the industry to train and support you.
Full utilization of the system throughout the year enables your winery to be constantly producing wine.
Our winery systems save time and money.
The juice for the systems is offered in drums at bulk prices.
The systems save a significant amount of cleaning, utility and labor costs compared to making wine in single batches.
We have an all inclusive winery system, package pricing and leasing contacts.
All parts are included which means you do not have to order individually, saving you time and money.
A partial list of equipment includes:
  • Insulated fermentation tanks that are built to run complete wine cycles all year long
  • Temperature control system
  • Glycol chiller and piping
  • Water filtration system
  • Degassing equipment
  • Pump
  • Complete transfer and filtration system
  • All hoses, connections, fittings, cleaning chemicals and more.
As well, on-site installation and training are included. Our certified technical coordinator will travel to your winery over 3 trips to install the system and train you and your staff on how to make quality wine using your tank system.
Our all inclusive winery systems are customized to fit your needs and can be leased.
We currently have 550, 1100 and 2200 Litre capacity systems. We work with you to determine what your projected output of wine will be and design the system that is right for your winery.
We have several leasing company contacts to finance your systems.
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