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The Wine Not International Franchisee Advantage
Investing in a Wine Not International franchise is an exciting winery opportunity. It is a partnership which depends on the experience, skills and ability of both parties. With your enthusiasm and ambition and our proven management system and world class products, we make an unbeatable business team.
A Wine Not International franchise is an attractive alternative to starting your own independent wine making business. It gives you the freedom to exercise your skills and abilities in running your own business with the experience and support of a Head Office team that knows and understands the industry. It’s a win-win situation.
As a franchisee, you will be working with a company that has already developed a successful business format. Wine Not International provides you with the expert advice and guidance in the start-up and continuing operation of the franchise. While this will not eliminate the need for hard work and good management on your part, it will mean you won’t have to learn by trial and error.
As a franchisee, you are guaranteed an exclusive territory and a host of benefits designed to provide you with a successful business plan and an on-going support program. Wine Not International is the pioneer in this new and exciting industry of wine making without the vineyard. We have the knowledge and experience to help you run a successful winery of your own. Let us highlight some of the benefits of joining our winery franchise.
Wine Not International Team Support
You will be assisted by Wine Not International’s exceptional business professionals to ensure that your investment is a profitable one. We provide assistance in the development of your franchise from the location, negotiation of a lease and the custom design and layout of your store.
Exclusive Wine Management Software Program
Wine Not International also supplies you with our exclusive customized computer software. This unique program is designed to track your customers and their purchasing history, provide wine management and supplies you with all reports necessary for running your business efficiently.
Wine Not International Training and Education
Training and education in all aspects of the art of wine making is integral to our franchise success. You will learn wine making, wine tasting, customer service, marketing, purchasing procedures, inventory control and the day-to-day operational procedures at our proven and exclusive training program. Upon graduation from our training program, we will provide you with our confidential Operations Manual detailing all that you have learned. Our franchise liaison team will continue to provide business development support after your store opens to ensure a continuing profitable operation.
Additional Benefits
- Your own exclusive territory with the ability to open multiple units
- High gross margins
- 13 years experience in the industry
- Support and development for your operation, including site selection assistance and lease negotiation
- Ongoing support and help line
- In-house order desk
- Availability of a business consultant familiar with preparation of a business plan for application of a Small Business Administration plan
- Preparation of opening inventory, equipment and supplies to open and operate your franchise
- Comprehensive five day training program at Wine Not International’s training facility
- Raw material economy of scale purchasing and shipping power
- Our international contacts sourcing the highest quality juices from around the world
- Continuing product innovation and development which maintains our leading edge market placement and superior product quality
- In-house oenologist for wine making technical support
- Exclusive, customized software program
- E-commerce/on-line wine sales capability coming soon
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