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The Wine Not International Custom Winery Franchise Info

A Wine Not International Custom Winery franchise is a working winery equipped with our exclusive, state-of-the-art winery systems. This is a full working winery producing a large variety of wines made from juices secured from the world’s finest wine regions. Many of these wines are unique to Wine Not International and cannot be found in wine stores or supermarkets.
Wine Not International wineries are full service federally bonded wineries equipped with state of the art fermentation equipment. Wine is made in single batches (23 liters) and in larger volumes (starting at 550 liters and up to 2,200 litres) in our exclusive wine making tank system. We also provide direct retail and wholesale sales, customized labeling and a unique customer participation experience.
Each Wine Not International winery maintains a fermentation room, bottling area, storage area, retail area, tasting bar and outdoor patio if applicable. There is also a custom label making station where your guests can design personalized labels in minutes. Otherwise your wine is labeled with your own design suited to your community, landscape or winery theme. Further to this there is a giftware area stocked with wine related items such as wine glasses, decanters, stoppers, books and other related wine paraphernalia. Guests will have the ability to purchase wine by the bottle, case or batch. And you will benefit from the enjoyment your guests will derive while making, sampling, learning and purchasing wine in a local winery…your Wine Not International Winery.
Our professional Wine Not International Wineries are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality international wines without the expense and risk of a vineyard. Where conventional wineries had to be situated close to the vineyards, Wine Not International brings the vineyard to you and offers in excess of forty different and internationally acclaimed varieties. Conventional wineries only have one harvest per year-Wine Not International wineries can produce fine wines throughout the year with the utmost quality and consistency.
The Wine Not with Bistro encompasses all the elements of a Wine Not International Custom Winery with the added benefit of food sales. Serving food adds to the time guests will spend in your winery and helps to increase your sales. Wines are paired perfectly with the guest’s choice from the menu creating an exciting atmosphere and offering you the opportunity to up sell the guest multiple bottles of wine for home consumption and gift giving.
The Bistro portion of this concept is entirely left up to you. Cooking does not have to be involved, you may choose to serve beautiful cheese and antipasto platters, Pannini’s made from local artisan breads with various choices of fillings, seasonal fruit platters and decadent desserts are simple and easy choices with minimal equipment and staff. A wine that has been made on site in a winery that is visible to guests who will witness first hand the wine process occurring. This concept also affords the location the opportunity to benefit from a private tasting room which is available for private functions and seats between 10-30 people. Here Chef Table dinners, private parties, anniversaries, wedding showers, corporate functions and your own winery special release tasting can be conducted at an additional charge. The Wine Not International with Bistro can also be designed to incorporate an area for entertainment such as a Friday night jazz band helping to promote your Winery as a destination spot.
Wine Not International wineries, as you can see, are totally customizable and need only be limited by your imagination. Investing a Wine Not International franchise gives you the freedom to exercise your skills and abilities in the running of your own business while reducing much of the risk involved. It’s a win-win situation!
But what ever your choice as a Wine Not International franchisee you will be in the forefront of an industry Wine Not has pioneered. We have developed an exclusive winery system which gives our franchisees the ability to make exceptional wine with far less expense, time and risk than traditional wineries.
History of Wine Not International
The first Wine Not winery opened in 1993 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 2002 we took our unique and successful concept into the United States. Wineries there would take on a new dimension with the advent of our exclusive wine making systems which allowed the winemaker the ability to produce larger quantities with the highest quality product.
Business continued to grow and by 2004 there were 36 Wine Not wineries throughout Ontario, the Maritimes and 5 U.S. locations. This growth attracted the attention of the largest winery in Canada and in 2005 Andres Wines purchased the Canadian portion of our business allowing the Wine Not International team to focus its resources in the developing U.S. market.
Wine Not International continues to be the leader in the industry of Custom Wineries and Wine Pubs and with our franchisees we look forward to continued growth and success. We invite you to join our growing team of successful winemakers. We are very excited to bring our Winery Franchise concepts into the U.S.
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