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Product Sourcing

STEP 1 – Vineyard
Only the finest grapes from the most recognized wine-producing regions of the world are chosen. Trained experts oversee the grapes from bud break to harvest.
STEP 2 – Harvesting
Grapes from these select vineyards are harvested at their peak moments, to maintain the highest integrity of flavor and freshness. The grapes are carefully sorted and sifted to remove leaves and vine fragments, leaving only the succulent fruit for pressing.
STEP 3 – Pressing
Freshly harvested grapes are immediately transported to local high-grade pressing facilities, thus ensuring that the true essence of the fruit is retained in a juice of the highest purity.
STEP 4 – Processing
Juices and concentrates are meticulously blended and balanced according to specialized recipes under the watchful eye of an experienced microbiologist.
STEP 5 – Winery System
Each Wine Not turnkey system is uniquely customized to the franchisee's specific needs as per size, consumption and aesthetic quality, before being expertly installed with a minimum amount of disruption.
STEP 6 – Serve and Savor
Stimulated by the warm and attractive surroundings, customers can enjoy a glass of wine at the tasting bar or purchase their favorite selection to take home.
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